School Improvement

School Improvement History in Michigan

The school improvement process is mandated through P.A. 335 and 339. This legislation requires all public schools and public school academies (PSA) to have a school improvement team and a school improvement plan. This three to five year plan is to be updated yearly.

The school improvement process is an organized, ongoing change process where focus consistently centers on improving learning for all students through the continuous improvement of the learning environment. Ongoing use of data and research in the decision-making process is an integral component of school improvement. Continuous improvement of schools is essential to providing increased student performance and quality results. Innovative, exemplary, and research-based programs, coupled with professional development, focused and aligned resources, and public participation in planning, are critical factors in schools that demonstrate continuous growth.

Purpose of a School Improvement Plan

While no paper document can truly capture the essence of a process that is continually changing, a written plan helps recognize past efforts and growth in key areas, as well as provide a framework for current and future efforts. The written plan is also a tool that communicates the philosophy of the school and the student-related issues that are of concern to all staff, as well as how the school community works together to improve those areas. A planning document is only "real" if it is a reflection of current, ongoing efforts in a building.