Chromebooks & Google

We are fortunate that all public school districts and most charter and nonpublic schools with the Muskegon Area ISD are Google Apps for Education districts.  This means the districts are using the free for education, Google Apps for Education suite of tools which include a district labeled Gmail, Google Drive tools, YouTube, and Google Classroom.  And these tools support use on desktop/laptop computers, Chromebooks and mobile devices.  This common set of tools make it easier to support and provide professional development for staff.  Andy Mann has become a Google for Education Certified Trainer, so he can provide the most up-to-date training for area educators.  Below are selected online resources available locally and nationally.  


  • Chromebook Academy - An online site supported by the MAISD designed to support the Chromebook Online Academy
  • Chromebooks for K-12 Education - a wiki supported by the MAISD to provide resources for Chromebook and Google workshops
  • Edupaths - a 22i TRIG supported PD site - with many technology integration resources; require registration
  • Google Education Training Center - complete the self-paced online training to become a Google certified Educator Level 1 or Educator Level 2
  • Google Apps Learning Center - Google’s self-paced, step-by-step training for learning to use different Google apps
  • GCF LearnFree - Using the Cloud - The Goodwill Foundation supported online training site, with step-by-step training modules followed by a quiz