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MAISD mathematics consulting supports teachers in enacting high-quality mathematics experiences, curriculum, and assessment. Services include constructing instructional visions, curriculum analysis, alignment and adoption support, professional development, mathematics course pathway support and compliance.  In addition to consulting support the MAISD offers mathematics classroom coaching.

Intended Outcomes of Service:

  • Deliver high-quality, aligned mathematics instruction to all students K-12
  • Serve leaders and mathematics teachers with the goal of increasing student proficiency

Examples of Service:

  • Curriculum consultation
  • Design and evaluation of coaching supports
  • Embedded district coaching

Intended Audiences:

  • Individual or group of classroom teachers (grade level, department, etc.)
  • Non-teacher support staff
  • School building or district administrator
  • School building or district leadership team
  • Entire school building, Entire district

Delivery Methods:  

  • Facilitation of a meeting
  • Providing or leading training on a specific topic
  • Observation in a classroom
  • Modeling instructional practices in the classroom
  • Working directly with students
  • Working directly with administrators or building leadership teams
  • Providing content expertise at a meeting
  • Planning with a teacher(s)
  • Analyzing data with a teacher(s) or leadership team
  • Instructional coaching and feedback
  • Advising/recommending a course of action
  • Coordinating an event, activity, or collaboration

Networks Supported:

  • Math Recovery Intervention Specialist
  • Add+VantageMR
  • Building Powerful Numeracy
  • Muskegon Math Recovery Coaching Network
  • Amusement Park Physics

Math Curriculum & Resources

Michigan Department of Education:  Mathematics

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