Plans & Reports


Strategic Plan

In November of 2014, the MAISD released its new 2014-2020 Strategic Plan.  Many from the Muskegon Area participated in the process and helped shape the vision, mission, and five strategic goals.

PDF DocumentMAISD 2014-2020 Strategic Plan

Summaries and Information Report

The Summaries and Information Report documents official accounts and records filed with the offices of the MAISD in compliance with Michigan Statutes.

To obtain a copy of the Summaries and Information Report, please contact:

Kris Gale
Executive/Departmental Assistant
Financial Services
Phone: 231-767-7203
Email K. Gale

District Budget Reports

In compliance with state requirements, the following is a statement of the complete Fund Budgets for the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District.

2020-21 Reports

PDF DocumentInitial 2020-21 Fund Budget Report

2019-20 Reports

PDF DocumentInitial 2019-20 Fund Budget Report
PDF DocumentFirst 2019-20 Budget Amendment 1-21-20
PDF DocumentFinal 2019-20 Budget Amendment 6-15-20

Financial Audit Reports


2018-19 Reports

PDF Document2018-19 Financial Report
PDF Document2018-19 Single Audit


Annual Accountability Report


PDF DocumentMAISD Technology & Security Enhancement Millage


Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Report

PDF DocumentBudget & Salary/Compensation Transparency Report


MAISD Annual Web Report

The MAISD Annual Web Report is a welcome opportunity for the MAISD to communicate with our community about how we utilize the resources provided to us.

MAISD Annual Web Report