Pupil Accounting

Administrative Services assists local school districts in preparing for the biannual pupil accounting process. It is this process which ultimately determines the amount of State Aid a district will receive for its educational operations. Staff will:

  • Provide consultation services to districts in matters of pupil accounting law and rules
  • Provide annual training for district staff
  • Supply districts with necessary data, forms, and instructions
  • Conduct formal audits of the pupil accounting results in the fall and in the spring
  • Maintain records of audited student counts from year-to-year to provide the community with accurate information regarding its local school populations

School Year 2019-20 Pupil Accounting Forms

Pupil Accounting forms for the October 2, 2019 and February 12, 2020 membership counts are currently being updated. The new Pupil Accounting Manual has not been released for 2019-20.  Please wait for current year forms to be released – do not use old forms.

Fall  2019 General Collection

Fall Pupil Membership count date:           October 2, 2019

MSDS Fall Submission Due to CEPI:         November 6, 2019

MSDS Fall Certification Due to CEPI:        November 13, 2019

Fall Audit Materials Due to ISD:                 November 18, 2019


Spring 2020 Supplemental Count  

Spring  Pupil Membership count date:     February 12, 2020

MSDS Spring  Submission Due to CEPI:   March 18, 2020

MSDS Spring Certification Due to CEPI:   March 25, 2020

Spring  Audit Materials Due to ISD:           March 27, 2020


Pupil Accounting Manual - https://www.michigan.gov/mde/0,1607,7-140--22360--,00.html

Michigan Department of Education Website - https://www.michigan.gov/mde

CEPI Website (MSDS) - https://www.michigan.gov/cepi

School District Maps for the State of Michigan - https://www.michigan.gov/cgi/0,4548,7-158-52927_53037_12540_13084_13100---,00.htmlResources