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MAISD ELA consulting and coaching supports educators in implementing high-quality instruction in the areas of ELA and literacy standards, practices, and assessments.    

Intended Outcomes of Service:

  • Deliver high-quality, aligned literacy instruction to all students K-12
  • Serve leaders and literacy teachers with the goal of increasing student proficiency

Examples of Service:

  • Design and evaluation of coaching supports (e.g. individual and group coaching)
  • Regular support for teams of teachers during early release or late start around a specific learning pathway or instructional practice
  • Curriculum adoption from curation to implementation

Intended Audiences:

  • Individual or group of classroom teachers (grade level, department, etc.)
  • Non-teacher support staff
  • School building or district administrator
  • School building or district leadership team
  • Entire school building, district, or county-wide groups (e.g. HIL Facilitators and Literacy Leadership Committee)

Delivery Methods:  

  • Facilitation of a meeting
  • Providing or leading training on a specific topic
  • Observation in a classroom
  • Modeling instructional practices in the classroom
  • Working directly with students
  • Working directly with administrators or building leadership teams
  • Providing content expertise at a meeting
  • Planning with a teacher or group of teachers
  • Analyzing data with a teacher(s) or leadership team  
  • Providing instructional coaching and feedback
  • Coordinating an event, activity, or collaboration
  • One-on-one consultation - phone, e-mail, in-person
  • Service can be adapted and arranged to meet the unique needs of each district or building team
  • Facilitating professional learning around professional text (book study)

Networks Supported:

  • Literacy Essential Series
  • Muskegon County Literacy Collaborative
  • Literacy Leadership Committee
  • ACRI Community of Practice
  • Literacy and Mathematics Group Coaching program
  • Transitional Kindergarten/DK study group
  • Ongoing network of current and past coaching program participants