Transition: Parent/Guardian Role

Parents have an important role to play in the Transition process.

They know their young adult well, and have information about his/her abilities, personality, and what he/she wants to achieve in life.

  • Participate in developing the dreams, goals and vision of your child’s future
  • Complete a Parent Transition Questionnaire
  • Ensure your child’s preferences, strengths, and interests are central to planning
  • Follow up on referrals made to community service agencies
  • Ask for assistance, if needed , in working with agencies
  • Provide opportunities for your child to develop work, independent living, and recreation/leisure skills at home
  • Foster independence by giving your child responsibility for chores at home
  • Explore community support, training, and employment options
  • Discuss future goals and adult reality with your child
  • Attend and participate in IEP meetings with your child
  • Help your child learn about his or her disability and how to ask for the supports he or she needs