Targeted Technical Assistance and Accountability


Under the General Supervision requirements of IDEA 2004 and the Michigan Department of Education - Office of Speical Education's General Supervision Components, the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) has designed an efficient and integrated accountability and management system to collect, examine, and report data to demonstrate that Member Districts are effectively implementing IDEA requirements.  The MAISD Targeted Technical Assistance Team works collaboratively with Member Districts to ensure improved academic and functional outcomes for students with disabilities, in addition to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, by providing a variety of technical assistance and professional development and learning opportunities.

Member Districts are encouraged to access the Targeted Technical Assistance Team to assist in improving performance across State Performance Plan (SPP) compliance and results indicators.  Additionally, Member Districts may be required to access Targeted Technical Assistance as part of actions related to district determination ratings, state complaints, and state monitoring.

Please contact Jessica Domingues,  Director of Targeted Technical Assistance and Accountability, at or (231) 767-7248 for further information.

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