Curriculum & Instruction for Special Education

Intended Outcomes of Service

  • Deliver high-quality instruction to students with diverse learning needs
  • Serve leaders and teachers of students with diverse learning needs in order to increase student proficiency

Examples of Service

  • Curriculum/IEP goals and objectives consultation
  • Co-planning with teachers to meet student and grade level objectives
  • Planning and implementing professional development and coaching networks to support teachers of students with IEPs

Intended Audiences

  • Individual or group of special education teachers/practitioners and the classroom teachers of students they support (grade levels, departments, etc)
  • Non-teacher support staff
  • District administrator or special education supervisor/director
  • School building or district leadership team
  • District or county-wide groups (Resource teachers, CI Community of Practice, etc.)

Delivery Methods

  • Facilitation of a meeting (more than 1 other person)
  • Providing or leading training on a specific topic (conducting a workshop)
  • Observation in the classroom
  • Modeling instructional practices in the classroom
  • Working directly with students (Instruction/Facilitation)
  • Working directly with building or SE administrators or leadership teams
  • Being an attendee (content expert) at a meeting (not facilitating)
  • Planning with a teacher(s) (1-1 or group)
  • Analyzing data with a teacher(s) or leadership team (1-1 or group)
  • Coaching teachers around instructional practices/curriculum implementation
  • Advising/Recommending a course of action
  • Coordinating collaboration with other practitioners
  • One on One Consultation - Phone, E-mail, In-Person
  • Service can be adapted and arranged to meet the unique needs of each district or building team

Networks Supported

  • CI/ASD Teachers' Communities of Practice
  • Co-teaching group coaching teams
  • Special Education district leadership teams