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MAISD Curriculum Support Page for Social Studies

PASST - Performance Assessment for Social Studies Thinking tied to the Michigan Content Expectations and driven by the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework

Michigan Open Book Project digital textbooks tied to Michigan Content ExpectationsLogo for Social Studies Instructional Visions

Social Studies Matters!
Direct instruction in civics, economics, geography, and history prepares students for responsible citizenship and helps them comprehend informational text. It's time to restore social studies to the center of our student's education at every level and build a better future.  Read the joint position statement from Michigan's leading social studies content organizations and prepare to take action!

Lesson Supports for an Evening with Dr. Martin Luther King and the MLK Holiday

College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework
Important thinking about making Social Studies central to any definition of college and career ready.Logo for Help

Resources for We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Teachers

For more resources or to learn more about We the People and other Civic Education Programs, visit
The Center for Civic Education.

Project Citizen

Want to help your students change the world?  Project Citizen will teach them a step-by-step method for changing public policy. Project Citizen logo

Persuasive Writing Rubrics for Classroom Use

These analytic rubrics are super easy to use with students. They provide praise, feedback, and guidance in kid-friendly language and the scoring guide can be modified to emphasize the areas you want students to work on the most.


Econ Poster

Still the best poster for keeping the 6 Core Economic Principles in front of your students everyday so they can integrate them into real life. The 6 Core Economic Principles represent six powerful ideas that explain the economic behavior of people.

You and your students will discover new insights as you apply these principles to all the choices people make in the study of: economics, history, geography, government, civics & psychology. Order today!

Econ Bingo Icon
Check out our latest resource for economics - EconAround Bingo will help your students use the economic way of thinking and understanding economic terms.