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Michigan's current content expectations for science were most recently updated in January, 2009. The Science Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) v. 1.09 provides this overview:

In developing these expectations, the K-7 Scholar Work Group depended heavily on the Science Framework for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (National Assessment Governing Board, 2006) which has been the gold standard for the high school content expectations. Additionally, the National Science Education Standards (National Research Council, 1996), the Michigan Curriculum Framework in Science (2000 version), and the Atlas for Science Literacy, Volumes One (AAAS, 2001) and Two (AAAS, 2007), were all continually consulted for developmental guidance. As a further resource for research on learning progressions and curricular designs, Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science in Grades K-8 (National Research Council, 2007) was extensively utilized. The following statement from this resource was a guiding principle:

"The next generation of science standards and curricula at the national and state levels should be centered on a few core ideas and should expand on them each year, at increasing levels of complexity, across grades K-8. Today's standards are still too broad, resulting in super?cial coverage of science that fails to link concepts or develop them over successive grades." Michigan's K-7 Scholar Work Group executed the intent of this statement in the development of "the core ideas of science...the big picture" in this document.

Michigan's Science GLCEs are divided into standards surrounding science process skills and standards surrounding disciplinary content.

New Science Standards, The Next Generation Science Standards, have been released; however, they have not been adopted by the State of Michigan. The GLCEs and HSCEs from 2009 remain our state science standards.

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