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On this website you will find links to the MAISA CCSS Mathematics Curriculum Materials. These materials are designed to support districts as they work to implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. A primary purpose of these materials is to provide resources to help teachers create opportunities for students to build connections within and among mathematical ideas in increasingly sophisticated ways. The MAISA CCSS Mathematics Curriculum Materials are not intended or designed to replace research-based instructional materials but rather to support shifts in teachers' instructional practices consistent with the intent of the CCSS. As such, these materials extend well beyond providing teachers a checklist of content expectations or lessons. 

The curriculum materials are designed to: 

  • be professional learning tools to improve educators' understanding of the CCSS;
  • organize the CCSS into mathematically coherent and sequenced units of study that make visible connections among mathematical ideas. They are not designed to prescribe a single pathway through a particular unit; and
  • provide a context for conversations among colleagues (e.g., Professional Learning Communities) within and across grades. Lesson and assessment topics within the units of study are selected to highlight content that might be new, different, or challenging for teachers and students. This highlighted content may be used to spark important planning and problem solving discussions related to the CCSS implementation.

Click here for K-5 Mathematics Curriculum Resources
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