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English Language Arts (ELA)

On this webpage you will find links to the MAISA (Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators) Model Curriculum resources for English Language Arts. These are Common Core aligned units of study for reading and writing created by and for Michigan teachers. While these units are not bookend curricula, they are a set of research-based resources designed to support shifts in instructional practices consistent with the intent of the Common Core State Standards. As such, these materials extend well beyond providing teachers a checklist of content expectations or lessons.

The MAISA model curriculum materials are designed to:

  • be professional learning tools to improve educators' understanding of student centered instruction aligned with the CCSS;
  • provide a context for conversations among colleagues (e.g., Professional Learning Communities) within and across grades. This content may be used to spark important planning and problem solving discussions related to CCSS implementation.
  • organize the CCSS into coherent units of study that make visible connections across reading, writing, language and speaking & listening standards. While a sample unit pacing guide is provided, these materials are not designed to prescribe a single pathway through a year or course of study. Pacing of instructional units and resources remain a local decision based on curricular alignment processes. Also, pacing of instruction within a single unit of study should be adjusted based on an ongoing formative assessment process.

Click here for K-5 English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum Resources
Click here for 6-12 English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum Resources