Adult Education

What do Adult Education students learn?

(From The State of Michigan Website )

Adult Education instruction is tailored to meet the individual needs of adult students. Standardized tests identify existing skills and help teachers design appropriate instruction for each student. Adult Education consists of these five components:

  • High School Completion: Instruction designed to fulfill the requirements for a high school diploma.
  • GED Test Preparation: Instruction in language arts, math, social studies, science and writing to enable successful completion of a GED test.
  • Adult Literacy: Instruction in reading, English, Language Arts, Math and Civics for adults without a high school diploma. The most basic literacy courses teach adults to read.
  • English as a Second Language: Instruction in reading, speaking, writing and understanding the English language.
  • Labor Employment Related/Employer Workforce Readiness: Instruction in job or employment related mathematics, reading and communication skills. Instruction may be  applied, which means that the academic material is directly related to specific job requirements.