Adult Education

Adult education provides an opportunity for mature students to achieve education levels equivalent to those of high-school graduates.

Who are adult education students?
(From The State of Michigan Website)

More than 80,000 students are enrolled in Michigan Adult Education programs each year. While adult students average 30 years of age, each student must be more than 16 years old with education competencies below the level of high-school graduates.

Detailed eligibility requirements differ by program type. For example, high-school graduates may qualify due to poor reading skills or lack of English language skills. General Educational Development (GED) students may be senior citizens, young mothers, recent immigrants, high-school dropouts, high-school graduates without adequate mathematics or reading skills or others.

The educational goals of Adult Education students include, among others, achieving a personal dream, completing a high school diploma or GED, learning to read, getting a better job, gaining access to postsecondary education, setting a good example for their children and gaining U.S. citizenship.

Evening Classes for Adults at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center

There are no Adult Ed programs available at this time. Please check back this Fall for updates. To learn more about other adult training opportunities contact your local Michigan Works! office.