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The MAISD Technology Services currently uses the CIMS Student Program (Comprehensive Information Management System) developed by NCS, supported by Weidenhammer Systems Corporation. Seventeen school districts use this all-inclusive system daily in their school offices for managing student records. CIMS offers fully integrated Single Record Student Database (SRSD) reporting, seamless integration with the Pinnacle software suite by Excelsior and upload/download features with the Polyplot Mapping System by Wayne RESA.

Data files from popular food service vendors can be imported into CIMS for purposes of SRSD Reporting. Additionally, data files can be easily extracted from CIMS for upload into MCIR (Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry), IGOR, the MAISD Data Warehouse, and other software programs.

Web applications are available that allow teachers to enter grades and attendance in real-time for schools not using Pinnacle. A web-based module is also available to allow students to enter their own course requests.



A good resource for CIMS users is the
CIMS Bulletin Board. This regularly updated site
contains instructional documents on various
functions and reporting procedures that
users can access at any time.

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Pinnacle Software Suite
MCIR - Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry
IGOR - MAISD Data Warehouse
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