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Throughout West Michigan, thirty school agencies in six counties (Muskegon, Oceana, Ottawa, Mason, Kent, and Ingham) subscribe to on-line information technology services in accounting, human resources, student records, and guest teacher registration. Five intermediate school district offices are included in that total (Muskegon, Kent, Ingham, AND Ottawa ISDs) . The service permits districts to print accounts payable and payroll checks, report cards and other reports on-site.

The multiple-fund accounting system, including accounts receivable and accounts payable, integrates fully with the Financial Information Database (FID).

The human resource system includes a comprehensive personnel database, the calculation of payroll, tracking of employee attendance and a system to project future salary expenses. This system also includes a bulk upload capability for the Registry of Educational Personnel (REP).


MAISD Technology Services provides a
host of Data Solutions that range from
Student Management to Financials and Payroll.

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Data Solutions Services

Financial/Human Resources
Student Management Services
MAISD Data Warehouse (IGOR)
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Technology Services - providing technical assistance and training to school districts throughout West Michigan.

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