Superintendent's Notes

Superintendent's Notes


strategic planning phase 1 complete

On October 20, 2014, the MAISD Board approved a new strategic plan for the next three years. The plan was created based on the rich feedback provided through seven focus panels made up of 87 members. The MAISD Board, guided by consultants Bill and Cynthia Banach, developed the final revised mission and new vision and goals. Late last month, the Banachs facilitated focus panels of community leaders, business people, local district school board members, local district teachers/counselors, local district leaders, MAISD staff, and parents with children enrolled in early childhood programs, Muskegon Area Career Tech Center, special education programs, and Wesley School.

The revised mission statement (what we do) is to provide leadership, programs, and services that enhance the success of everyone it serves. In pursuit of this mission, the MAISD will collaborate with its constituents, embrace meaningful change, advocate for the value of public education, and employ and maintain a quality staff.

The board also decided to add a vision statement to express who we want to be—our vision is the ideal we are striving to reach. The MAISD vision is to be the premier source for quality educational leadership, programs, and services. In pursuit of this vision, the MAISD will work to become an indispensable partner of everyone it serves, be a center for educational creativity and innovation, be a place where everyone is learning, and be data driven and outcome oriented.

Our organization’s strategic goals were also shaped by input from the focus panels. The five goals are: (1) To positively impact the achievement and success of all students in the MAISD service area; (2) To enhance understanding of and support for public education; (3) To maintain a dynamic staff that is characterized by a commitment to continuous learning; (4) To leverage the capacity of educators by collaborating on initiatives that are beneficial to all students and staff; and (5) To deliver innovative professional development programming related to student instruction, the use of technology, and the enhancement of administrative capacity.

Each of our departments will now be developing its own plan based on feedback provided by the focus panels and the new organization-wide plan. The final critical step in the strategic planning process will be face-to-face conversations with local school district leadership teams. These will begin in November and occur over several months. Our goal is to fully understand the needs of our customers and then make the necessary changes to meet them.

I think we all recognize that change can be difficult, yet with your input and support, I believe our new strategic plan will allow us to embrace and meet our current and future challenges so all students in our county can be successful. Finally, thank you to those that participated in the focus panels, and to all of you willing to share feedback in the future. Your constructive comments demonstrate your ongoing support in creating the necessary collaborative processes that will allow us all to improve.

As always, the MAISD welcomes and values your comments, ideas, and collaboration in helping make a difference!


Dr. John Severson
Muskegon Area ISD Superintendent